​To put it simply, our approach at Kilyk​ & Bowersox is hands-on by the members/partners. Our Firm is focused on patent/trademark prosecution, preparing intellectual property agreements (licenses and sale of IP), providing validity and infringement reviews and opinions, providing freedom to operate opinions and reviews, and advising on IP strategy in general and providing IP strategies for start-up companies.

We believe in rapid, personal, and quality service to all of our clients. In today's world, patent prosecution in many firms is unfortunately handed to young inexperience patent agents or attorneys. Not here.  We believe patent prosecution is as important as any other aspect of intellectual property and we provide that at a very reasonable value. We provide this same approach to our trademark prosecution and in providing legal opinions (such as validity and infringement opinions) and the other advice that our clients seek on intellectual property issues.

Kilyk & Bowersox​​ PLLC